Sympathy Flowers Melbourne

Finding the most appropriate words to express during times of severe loss or tragedy may be challenging. Thankfully, there are many touching ways to convey your sincere condolences, such as sending a nice bunch of fresh flowers or a wreath. It is a polite and thoughtful gesture to send sympathy flowers to a loved one, a family member, or a close friend to uplift their spirits. 

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Difference Between Sympathy And Funeral Flowers

There are a few little distinctions between sympathy flowers and funeral flowers, even though both are heartfelt and traditional ways to honour the departed and express compassion to the bereaved.

Flowers for sympathy are often addressed and sent to the grieving family’s house. If the bereaved is a close friend or if you knew the deceased well, these intimate flower arrangements are ideal. Since sympathy flower arrangements are meant to be decorative and exhibited throughout the home, they are frequently smaller than those given to a funeral home.

On contrary, funeral flowers are sent straight to the funeral home in time for the event. Wreaths or standing sprays may be a part of these more significant arrangements. Redwood funeral offers Funeral Service in Melbourne.

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When do I send sympathy flowers?

You can choose to send sympathy flowers a few days or even a few weeks following the event. This might be a thoughtful way to let the family know that you’re still thinking of them after the initial focus has passed because grief doesn’t go away after a funeral. In the following years, you may also send sympathy flowers to commemorate the loss’ anniversary.

Things To Avoid Doing While Sending Flowers Of Sympathy

While giving sympathy flowers is a thoughtful and heartfelt gesture that brings comfort to the grieving, there are some guidelines for sympathy flower etiquette that you should be aware of to avoid offending anybody during this delicate time of loss.

Following are a few things you must avoid while giving condolence flowers:

Don’t leave the card empty: 

Even though it could be difficult to find the right words, never send a blank card. Even if you don’t personally know the bereaved family or have never met the deceased, you should still express your sympathy. Just keep it simple if you’re finding it difficult to put pen to paper. Simply add your first and last name to one of the sympathy cards featured in our arrangements to express your sympathies in one line or more.

Don’t forget who you’re remembering.

 Avoid the urge to pick out the flowers or colours you want to receive. Think carefully about something the dead would enjoy since the mourning family would appreciate memories of their loved ones during this difficult time. Choose an arrangement in their favourite colour if you don’t sure what kind of flowers they prefer.

Avoid sending flowers like yellow roses, tulips, or vivid red roses, which often symbolise pleasure, happiness, prosperity, or seduction. 

Sympathy Flowers FAQ

Flowers’ essential beauty resides in their capacity to convey a loved one’s special personality or unique symbolic significance. As a sign of purity and regeneration, white lilies have historically been the most popular condolence flower. There are several more suitable flower varieties, such as orchids, chrysanthemums, or blooming plants like a peace lily, that you may send to show your sorrow.

Sending a heartfelt condolence note along with a bouquet or arrangement of flowers is a lovely way to let your recipient know they’re on your mind. It ultimately depends on your relationship with the departed or bereaved while sending condolence notes. Therefore, it’s important to prepare what you’d like to say in times of tragedy or loss.

The best sympathy flowers to send a bereaved family are lilies, gladiolus, carnations, and white roses.

Chrysanthemum. White chrysanthemums are commonly used to represent sadness and mourning.

At Redwood Funeral, we are sensitive to your emotions and know how to help you express them to a bereaved family. You can contact our staff to place an order by calling 1300 62 68 67, sending an email to, or stopping by our location. We can assist you with all of your sympathy flowers  Melbourne delivery.