There is not one way to say goodbye

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helping you say goodbye

We understand that the needs of every family are unique. Decisions will be made that honour and respect an individuals culture and faith, religious believes and personal preferences. We help you create a unique farewell that is tailored to celebrate your loved ones life with that personal touch.


We can offer you many different options in regards to venues when holding a funeral for your loved one. Ensuring we honour and respect individual culture, faith and religious beliefs, we can arrange a church or temple of your choice, liaising with your local clergy in all aspects of the religious service for your loved one.

Alternatively, you may wish to celebrate your loved ones at a location of significance such as a sporting club, RSL, winery, restaurant or reception centre. We can help create a truly unique and personalised service.


We can organise a wide range of floral tributes. From traditional to more modern styles, we offer a wide range of colours and a variety of seasonal blooms, throughout the year.

If your loved one has a green thumb, you can bring in cuttings from the garden and we can add it to the flower tribute or we can make the floral tribute from your loved ones garden. A truly personal touch.


We offer bespoke coffins and caskets, for families who want to create a one of a kind personal touch.
You can create a theme that tells your loved ones life story. A very unique and special way to say goodbye. Anything is possible.

Green Funerals

Natural or Eco-Friendly Funerals

Its about providing options to reduce the impact to the environment, leaving a smaller footprint behind. Many people are chosing to live greener lives and also when they leave this world they want to be more environmentally sensitive as well.

Lady REDwood

Funerals by women

We are a dedicated team of women who understand that every family and their loved one is unique. There is not one way to say goodbye, and sometimes we need a ladies touch.

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We specialise in repatriation of families loved ones interstate or overseas to their final resting place. Please contact us for a free no obligation quote.