Pre Planning/ Planning Ahead

This is an all too common question when families come to plan a funeral. Making your wishes clear ahead of time can prove to be a great comfort to loved ones.

What is pre-planning

Pre-planning is simply the process of drawing up plans for a funeral before they are needed. It involves gathering a variety of family information and making decisions about the type of service you want. Where the service itself should take place and who might participate. Working together with a funeral director, you can plan, organise and record all of your requests, have your say.

We lead you through the process, providing advice and guildance along the way giving you all the information you need about our products and services, helping and allowing you to make informed decisions.

Once a funeral bond or funeral insurance is taken out, it should be assigned to your chosen funeral director. Once this is done the funeral director will then present you with abond certicate and other documentation accounting for every cent you have invested.

Why pre-plan

While everyone who makes the decision to pre-plan has their own reasons for doing so, we are often told the greatest motivator is the desire to protect their family by ensuring that they wont face the difficult task of making arrangements at a time of loss.

Planning ahead virtually stress-free but people have the time and information they need to make carefully onsidered pressure decisions that are the right choices for themselves and their families.

The Benefits of pre funding your funeral

There are many benefits you should consider when deciding if you should pre fund your funeral
  •       You have peace of mind that your family will not be left with the emotional and financial burden of your funeral
  • Funeral bonds are administered to secure long standing financial institutions. We have to fund mangers that you can chose from foresters and
  • Funeral bonds to a legislated threshold amount, are treated as financial investments and therefore are not included in any Centrelink Assests test. This could mean the differences a partial and full pension entitlement.
  • Once funds are lodged, they cannot be redeemed by anyone until death has occurred of the individual named on the policy.
  • A funeral bond will accrue interest which may offset the inevitable rises in funeral costs. The compounding the interest is not deemed to be part of your income.

Professional Service Fees include

  •      24hr, 7 days personal and professional care
  •      Transfer of your loved one into our care (melb metro 24/7)
  •      Basic Mortuary Care
  •      Private arrangement  in the comfort of your family home or our office
  •      Attend to relevant administration
  •      Collection of medical certificate
  •      Register death certificate with birth deaths ,and Marriages
  •      Transport of your loved one to the graveside on the day of the service
  •      Copy of death Certificate mailed directly to your home

Graveside Service

Service held at the graveside.

Professional Service Fee – $3,294 

Additional  Costs
  •           Cemetery Fees at costs
  •       Purchase of Grave ( they vary depending on Cemetery)
  •       Interment Costs ( they vary depending on Cemetery.
  •       Coffins from $990.00
  •       Celebrant fees $605.00
  •       Clergy fees from $250.00
  •       Floral Tributes (at cost)
  •       Newspaper Notices (at cost)
  •       Order of services booklets: from $2.50
  •       Limo / Family Coach(at cost)
  •       Dressing / Mortuary care for viewing  from $450.00
  •       Viewing night before $450.00
  •       Weekend or Public Holidays at cost
  •       Refreshments can be arrange (at Cost)

Chapel Service and Burial

Services is held in a crematorium chapel followed by a graveside services within the Cemetery grounds. 

Professional Service Fee – $3,694

Additional  Costs

  • Cemetery Fees at costs
  • Purchase of Grave ( they vary depending on Cemetery)
  • Interment Costs ( they vary depending on Cemetery)
  • Chapel hire from $970.00
  • Coffins from $990.00
  • Celebrant fees from $605.00
  • Clergy fees from      $250.00
  • Floral Tributes (at cost)
  • Newspaper Notices (at cost)
  • DVD Presentation from $220.00
  • Order of services booklets: from $2.50
  • Limo / Family Coach (at cost)
  • Dressing / Mortuary care for viewing            $450.00
  • Weekend or Public Holidays (at cost)
  • We can organised Refreshments at your request(at cost)

Church or Alternative Venue

Services held in a church or alternative venue. Followed by graveside services at the Cemetery. 

Professional Service Fee – $3,894

Additional Costs

  •          Cemetery Fees at costs
  •       Purchase of Grave ( they vary depending on Cemetery)
  •       Interment Costs ( they vary depending on Cemetery)
  •           Coffins from $990.00
  •           Celebrant fees $605.00
  •           Clergy fees from $250.00
  •           Alternative venue (at cost)
  •           Floral Tributes (at cost)
  •           Newspaper Notices (at cost)
  •           DVD Presentation form $220.00
  •           Order of services booklets: from $2.50 per booklet
  •           Limo / family Coach (at cost)
  •           Dressing / Mortuary care for viewing  from $450.00
  •          Weekend or Public Holidays (at cost).
  •       Refreshments can be arranged (at cost)