Orthodox Funeral Services

Say goodbye to your loved ones in a way that honours their faith and traditions. Our funeral directors conduct Orthodox funeral ceremonies for diverse communities.

At Redwood Funerals, our funeral directors in Melbourne provide orthodox funeral services for the Greek, Russian, Macedonian, Romanian, Ukrainian and Serbian communities.

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Professional Services

Professional Services of Funeral Director and staff including funeral arrangement, funeral viewing, administration, arrangement.

Our services include the provision of a hearse, necessary equipment, and dedicated staff on the funeral day to ensure a dignified farewell.

Includes a standard size Davidson – choice of colour available. The coffin may be upgraded at an additional cost.

Mortuary Care
In our care facility, we provide the utmost level of care and support to your loved one during their grieving period.

Priest and Church Fees
We arrange and settle any fees or charges for your priest and church on your behalf.
They are both included in this package.

Church Service
We service all churches across the Greater Melbourne Areas.

Cemetery Fees
Cemetery fees are not included in our package fee due to the large variance in location, grave types, general fees charged by cemeteries.

Floral Tribute
We include flowers for the coffin and provide a wide choice of floral options to go onto the coffin. Up to $400 of value. Should you wish to upgrade, you can do so at additional cost.

Death Certificate
We handle the registration of the death on your behalf, which includes providing one standard death certificate issued by Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Victoria.

We include the following items in our fees

We provide the following items if required:

  • Single flowers for graveside

Additional Items Included if required

We provide the following items if required:

  • Grave Marker
  • Candle Box
  • Shroud
  • Wheat, Wine and Oil
  • Graveside
  • Photo Frame 8×10

Greek Orthodox Funerals in Melbourne

The Greek Orthodox Church believes in life after death. Their belief states that death is not the end. They believe that after death, the soul gets reunited with the Christ.

In the Greek Orthodox community, death is a sacred time. Relatives, friends, and well-wishers come together to grieve and offer praises for the departed soul. Our funeral directors will help you to organise a dedicated and beautiful Greek Orthodox funeral for your loved one.

Our Greek funeral directors in Melbourne will guide you through all the rituals – from the Trisagon service to the wake and funeral mass. Our team ensures that all Orthodox practices are followed, and the family’s wishes are respected.

From deciding the order of the service to selecting the funeral flowers, many decisions require your input when planning Greek Orthodox funerals in Melbourne. Talk to your funeral director in advance to prepare well for a beautiful service.


Greek Orthodox funerals are solemn occasions, and attendees should show respect and empathy. When entering the church, cross yourself with holy water and venerate the deceased. Follow the lead of the priest and stand or sit as directed. Maintain a respectful demeanour throughout the service. After the funeral, offer condolences to the family and share stories about the deceased. Participation in a post-funeral meal is customary, where you can express your support.

Dress conservatively and modestly when attending a Greek Orthodox funeral. Men typically wear dark suits or dress pants and a formal shirt, while women wear modest dresses or skirts that cover their shoulders. Avoid bright colours or flashy accessories out of respect for the solemnity of the occasion.

Greek Orthodox mourning typically lasts for 40 days, symbolising the 40 days of Lent. During this time, family members refrain from celebratory activities and often attend church services for the deceased. The intensity of mourning may vary, and the family may continue memorial observances for years, especially on the death anniversary.

While sympathy flowers are appreciated, they are not as common in Greek Orthodox traditions as in some other cultures. Instead, it’s customary to offer memorial donations to the church or a charitable organisation in the name of the deceased. You can also bring a tray of kollyva (boiled wheat) to the funeral, a symbol of resurrection and remembrance.

Offering condolences and support is more important than giving gifts. You can provide a sympathy card with a heartfelt message and attend the funeral service to show your respect. If you wish to give a gift, consider bringing a tray of kollyva or donating to the church or a charitable cause in the memory of the deceased.