Italian Funeral Directors in Melbourne

Everyone experiences the journey from life to death, but how that journey is handled in different cultures can vary wildly widely. If your family has strong Italian heritage, you should ensure that your loved one’s burial is ornamented and executed in a manner that reflects the family’s needs. This all begins with relying on the skills of Italian funeral directors in Melbourne who can offer the most traditional Italian funeral services for your ceremony.

We at Redwood Funeral Director are a family-owned company that resonate with the richness of customs and traditions that different cultures bring.. We do our best to provide the bereaved family and the deceased individual with a respectable, customary burial that is aligned with their cultural beliefs and practices. . As we take the time to listen and support our families in the same manner, we support you like our own as a family-owned company.

Italian Funeral Service in Melbourne

Since Catholicism is considered as the main religion in Italian society, Italian funerals have a tendency to be traditional ceremonies. Whilst always understanding and appreciating how other cultures embrace death and ceremonies related to this, , the Catholic religion places more of a focus on grieving your loss and learning to cope with the pain of losing a loved one. Visitors typically dress just dark colours, if not, in entirely  black clothing for a Italian funeral services. 

The deceased is normally placed in an open casket in accordance with Italian tradition so that they are visible to their loved ones. Family members and friends kiss the deceased, as touching is regarded as a crucial rite.

With a deep understanding of Italian culture, we offer funeral services that include:

    • Catholic funeral service
    • Option for both open and closed casket
    • Graveside Service
    • Burial Service
    • Funeral Flowers
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What is the custom in Italy when someone dies?

At an Italian funeral, kissing the deceased’s cheek or forehead is customary. The kiss serves as a symbol of respect for the departed.

Mourners congregate at the grave after the funeral mass. Occasionally, each visitor will approach the coffin and place a handful of sand or a flower on top. Additionally, people usually pray the Rosary the night before a funeral or before Mass on the day of the funeral.

How does an Italian funeral work?

According to Catholic tradition, the funeral includes ceremonies like the Catholic Mass, funeral liturgy, prayer vigil, and final rites. Pallbearers can be members of the family or friends, and the family can decide whether or not to speak a few words about the dead.

Do Italians send flowers for funerals?

Funeral flowers play a significant part in Italian funeral traditions. They are frequently presented to the deceased’s family members and placed on the casket and in the church.


What are the costs of an Italian Funeral?

The cost of an Italian Funeral might vary based on the services requested. We advise you to speak with us in person if you’re seeking pre-paid funerals or budget funerals in Melbourne. We will provide you with advice and services while taking into account your tradition, customs, and needs.

If you’re searching for Italian funeral directors or services in Melbourne, Redwood Funerals is here to simultaneously support your family and their needs during this difficult time, as well as ensuring that the Italian funeral services you seek through us are fulfilled to the best of our capacity.  You can reach us by calling 1300 62 68 67 or sending an email to with your questions and requirements.